High Growth Industries call for an Experienced Partner

A New Domain in Supply Chain

When Canada launched the legal cannabis market in 2018, a proven expert in omni-channel supply chain was a must-have. Domain Logistics, a Legacy Supply Chain Company, was created as a value-added partner to The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Our foundation is nearly 40 years of experience with some of North America’s leading retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. Our domain is delivering high service solutions that optimize cost and provide supply chain control. Our difference is a culture that drives operational performance and creates lasting partnerships with our customers.

Domain is Different

Creating control in emerging industries is the key to sustainable growth. Whether it is controlling costs, ensuring product chain of custody security, or enabling new market channels through innovative technology and solutions offerings – Domain is a value-adding partner to support scalability in high growth industries.

Creating Supply Chain Control:

EXPERIENCED:  Large scale omni-channel supply chain experts 

FLEXIBLE:  Agility to adapt to new markets 

PROFESSIONAL:  Proven operating platforms & senior leadership

INNOVATIVE:  Problem solving partner to enhance consumer experience 

TECH-FORWARD:  Enabling visibility and connectivity up and down the supply chain 


Domain Logistics Highlights

  • Successfully launched OCS into legalized cannabis ecommerce market Fall 2018: managed order surge over 10x above forecast within first 48 hours
  • Partnered with OCS to launch retail market in Ontario
  • Launched Domain Express, a same day/next day front door delivery service
  • Supported the industry’s Cannabis 2.0 product launch including edibles, extracts & topicals
  • In partnership with OCS, providing Ontarians with Domain Express direct-to-door service for Free in response to Covid-19
  • Innovative DC Inventory Flow program to enable higher SKU count in smaller footprint with lower inventory cost
  • Launch of Guelph Super DC to support the growth and evolution of the Ontario Cannabis retail and online markets


Step Into a New Domain

If you are looking for a supply chain partner to help scale your business in a new or emerging market – contact Domain Logistics, a Legacy Supply Chain Company. retail and online markets.



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